At least Watson won't be a robot in this one.

BLAR BLAR BLAR I don't know how to talk about anything because the startling fewness of my days left in Japan has turned my brain into... like... Batty from Ferngully. But we went to see Harry Potter for the express purpose of hating it afterward (or, you know, more like ENTHRALLED ENTHRALLED FLAIL SCOFF FLAIL HYSTERIA VOMIT-- "...meh.") and to that I will say 1000% NOT ENOUGH BLOODY BATHROOM FIGHT. But I don't mean to rain on parades.

OTHER: I love Sherlock Holmes a whole lot. He is the goddamn PIMP. I am VERY PLEASED that there is going to be more, big-screen style. Here, have a moment from "Murder By Decree."


I pimp mysellllf! I have pimpfidence in my pimpability!

Hello. I am doing a terrible job of reading Big Bangs, and a worse job of commenting on them! Slowly slowly through that massive pile I will slog. But I am totally impressed with everyone who even attempts to write for bandombigbang, and I'm really enjoying all the accompanying art and music. So good job, folks.

I drew for two, if anybody wants to see.

Here for nurikins's Less Like a Lake and More like a Moat (master post)

and here for writingblind's Round and Round the Garden (master post)

Seriously good work, dudes. Be proud of yourselves.

callin all my dawgs

Dude, I just hope that even when the distance between the Other Motown and Toon Town separate us, we will still be dedicated to texting each other about our various physical ailments and what they smell like.


other molecules are to blame

I am what maybe we will call "an accomplished kitchen ballerina." Which is to say that my solo dance parties are epic. Like, lovechild-of-a-giraffe-and-a-hippo-on-rollerskates, alternatively, Goofy-goes-nordic-skiing level epic. It's a life choice. Anyway, this morning I had a pretty good amount of leapery and spinning going on to this song:

The way he pronounces every word of this song is magic. Good show, Mr. Wolf.

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I'm not a heeero! I just like FISHNETS!

theopteryx's "Draw Your Own Black Parade Uniform" art meme is really fun, guys. Every entry is batshit insane and totally unique.


Today had skateboarding AND ice-skating! And WTF did I really pay ¥390 for underwear that says "PUNK ROCK!!" on the butt? Yes I did, without blinking. No, Thank You Mart. NO THANK YOU, MART.

I hat everything :D

...that's "hat," not "hate." Today is goooood.

So I fell off the planet again; it happens. In the face of... anything, LJ comments are the first to be sacrificed. Then dishes, then hygiene. That's a lie, I do the dishes waaaay more often than I shower. Um. What are we talking about?

ANYWAY. There is a lot I want to draw. Today, though, I am sitting here listening to the Italian version of the theme song to "The Snorks," and snrrking at graceoftheworld's Branden Steineckert picspam. I recommend, Used fans. Even if you're firmly in the Dan camp, there are some great shots in here. At one point they are all in a tent... there is a puppy... I'm just saying.
dr. molko

Aye aye, Captain Fuckface (fanart for Tuesday in the Woods)

Are you reading Thursday-verse?

Do you like pan-bandom mob AU with beautifully written violence and blood and grossness and violence and hilarity and violence and heartcrushing characters and violence and shockingly tender friendship and deadpan murder and Jepha as a pit-fighter and also violence? ARE YOU READING THURSDAY-VERSE?!

swear_jar and apiphile have teamed up to destroy me with awesomeness. It's working. I have never been so gut-punched by fic in my life. Every characterization is brilliant, every interaction is electric. It's so funny, and so shocking, and so exquisitely crafted. There isn't enough to say about it. Frankly, I can't get over the fact that it exists and I'm allowed to read it. SO QUICK, GO READ IT BEFORE THEY DECIDE WE'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

In order, and more to come:

Thursday Kids Like to Cause by swear_jar (Pete/Patrick, Bob/Frank, past Andy/Gabe) Andy Hurley’s glamorous life, everyone.
Died on a Wednesday by swear_jar (Bob/Frank) Bob has been angry for a long time.
Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting (So is Friday) by apiphile (Joe/Travis) If Joe Trohman – Joe Troh, Joe the baby of the Fall Out boys – has a life motto at all, it's "don't die over stupid shit."
Black Monday by apiphile (various pairings, mostly gen) In the end, what better epitaph can you give a guy than "he was true to his friends"? That's all Quinn Allman really wants. Not that he necessarily has any real plans for dying just yet. But.
Tuesday in the Woods by swear_jar (Gabe/Andy, Nate/Vicky-T) "Hello. My name is Victoria. I am an addict. I am powerless."
Burning Down the House by apiphile (Jepha/Bert, Jepha/Dan) Quinnery Allman burns.

And there are character bios and cast illustrations!
The Used
The Cobras
EDIT: and now, The Fall Out Boys!

Also, strangecreature is a magical fanart machine with amazing illustrations for Black Monday (here), Tuesday in the Woods (here), and Burning Down the House (here). AMAZING.

I wanted to play too. So here's another one for "Tuesday in the Woods." Vicky-T and her beloved bat.


"Rama's going to come and then... your ass is grass."


This is one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. If you like animation, or stories about gods, monsters, heartbreak, ancient India, San Francisco, Brooklyn, asshole husbands, flying things, monkeys, flying monkeys, monkeys on fire, birds that sound like clarinets, dancing cows, and pretty ladies shimmying to old-timey jazz... this will be fun, I promise.

Sita Sings The Blues" is animator Nina Paley's explosive retelling of the Ramayana, and also that time her husband broke up with her over email. It is mesmerizing, hilarious, and contains all the emotions! We're not sure how long it will be available online, so please don't miss it. It's about an hour, I think, and it will make you see rainbows.